Package org.jvoicexml.xml.ssml

This package contains the classes to handle SSML documents and related tags.


Class Summary
Audio Audio can be played in any prompt.
Break The break element is an empty element that controls the pausing or other prosodic boundaries between words.
Desc The desc element can only occur within the content of the audio element.
Emphasis The emphasis element requests that the contained text be spoken with emphasis (also referred to as prominence or stress).
Lexicon An SSML document may reference one or more external pronunciation lexicon documents.
Mark A mark element is an empty element that places a marker into the text/tag sequence.
P A p element represents a paragraph.
Phoneme The phoneme element provides a phonemic/phonetic pronunciation for the contained text.
Prosody The prosody element permits control of the pitch, speaking rate and volume of the speech output.
S An s element represents a sentence.
SayAs The say-as element allows the author to indicate information on the type of text construct contained within the element and to help specify the level of detail for rendering the contained text.
Speak This is the root element of all SSML documents.
SsmlDocument A SSML XML document according to the specifcation in
Sub The sub element is employed to indicate that the text in the alias attribute value replaces the contained text for pronunciation.
Voice The voice element is a production element that requests a change in speaking voice.

Enum Summary
GenderType Gender of a Voice.

Package org.jvoicexml.xml.ssml Description

This package contains the classes to handle SSML documents and related tags. SSML is specified at

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