Package org.jvoicexml.xml.srgs

Classes to handle SRGS documents and related tags.


Interface Summary
GrammarTypeFactory A factory for grammar types.

Class Summary
Example Element contained within a rule definition that provides an example of input that matches the rule.
Grammar The <grammar> element is used to provide a speech grammar that specifies a set of utterances that a user may speak to perform an action or supply information, and for a matching utterance, returns a corresponding semantic interpretation.
GrammarType Defintion of the type of the grammar.
Item Define an expansion with optional repeating and probability.
JVoiceXmlGrammarTypeFactory Factory for the default grammar types.
Lexicon An SRGS document may reference one or more external pronunciation lexicon documents.
Meta Define a metadata item as a name/value pair.
Metadata Define metadata information using a metadata schema.
OneOf Define a set of alternative rule expansions.
Rule A rule definition associates a legal rule expansion with a rulename.
Ruleref Refer to a rule defined locally or externally.
SrgsXmlDocument A SRGS XML document according to the specifcation in
Tag Define an arbitrary string that to be included inline in an expansion which may be used for semantic interpretation.
Token Define a word or other entity that may serve as input.

Enum Summary
ModeType The mode of a grammar indicates the type of input that the user agent should be detecting.

Package org.jvoicexml.xml.srgs Description

Classes to handle SRGS documents and related tags. SRGS is specified at

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